Bodies Talking Are You Listening?

    Your Body Is Sending Out Signals But Are You Listening?

    While it’s true that more and more people are becoming acutely aware of the connection between emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and bodily health, very few realise the importance of understanding the signs and the consequent affects this can have on their everyday well-being

    Did you know for example that Monday morning is the worst day for illnesses, strokes, heart attacks, and even suicides? Perhaps our bodies are trying to tell us something; possibly about our lives, our jobs, our relationships, or our overall health, that we simply haven’t listened to. It could be that a person’s been experiencing a lot of negative feelings, or alternatively is experiencing a multitude of unresolved emotional issues that they’ve simply failed to recognise. In many cases that’s often enough to trigger off a whole host of problems.

    One of the main stumbling blocks of getting to the root cause of such issues is that on a personal level we aren’t programmed to recognise and deal with such feelings in a positive and productive way. In fact, instead of confronting what are often painful emotions, many people choose to bottle them up completely – hoping that their demons will somehow be banished for good. Alternatively they’ll counteract these emotions with negative risk-taking behaviours or even consoling addictions such as alcohol, cigarettes, or illicit drugs. As a result, although the feelings might become temporarily buried – the physical damage caused by such behaviours can be so much more.

    Ask yourself this – How often have you felt stressed recently and simply passed it off as a modern-day condition? Yet did you know that the medical profession now recognises that stress is a major contributing factor in around 90% of all illnesses? Have you ever thought that symptoms such as aches, pains, and fatigue just might be the result of stress, which in turn might derive from unresolved emotions or negative thoughts?

    So how do we deal with it?

    The truth is that we have to learn to ‘know thyself’. By having a greater awareness of our overall mind and body it gives us the choice and the freedom to heal ourselves both physically and mentally. Just imagine having the chance to live a healthier, happier life simply by recognising and dealing with our negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs? I can help you do exactly this.

    By using a simple but effective, pain-free technique known as FasterEFT I can show you a way that you can tackle your emotional demons and negative thoughts head on. A technique that will help to you quickly break through these emotions in a safe way, thus allowing you to enjoy complete emotional freedom, resulting in an all-round healthier you. If you’re not attuned to what your body’s telling you then you need my help. Trust me when I say that your body will definitely thank you for it!