Eliminate Your Cravings – Audio & Video

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An interactive and practical MP3 audio & video download to help you release your cravings!


Do you want to learn how to overcome your cravings? Are you sick of relying on willpower or the eradication of foods from your home, so you won’t be tempted?

This recording has been specially designed to help you address and eliminate a food or beverage craving. Think chocolate, potato chips, white bread, lollies, cheese etc. The emphasis is on working with the Subconscious mind to remove the emotional drivers that cause you to have cravings in the first place, allowing for more permanent results.

Often with cravings, there may be a few layers to its structure. Have you ever considered that your craving isn’t really about a strong urge or desire to sugar/salt/carbs/caffeine, but a call for love or affection? For example, if your grandmother showered you with love and gave you lollies, then it’s possible you have created an emotional link between grandma’s love and attention and lollies. You see, it is the Subconscious mind’s role to not only protect us, but ensure we’re getting what we need. In this case, lollies equates to love from a family member, and next thing it’s midnight and you’re reaching for the lolly jar. These emotional connections aren’t obvious and often we respond on autopilot.

In some cases, you may only need to listen to the recording once to eliminate a stubborn or persistent craving. If this is not the case, my advice is you re-listen to the recording a few more times, until the craving has absolutely no control over you. Or, you may want to re-watch/re-listen to address another craving.

This is a powerful recording which will work wonders on strong and persistent cravings, whatever they are. If you believe you have an underlying program of emotional eating, an unhealthy relationship to food, or a distorted body image, you might want to consider my 8-week, online group program starting on Tuesday 16th February, Releasing Weight By Changing Your Mind.

NOTE: I recommend you listen/watch this download in a quiet room with no interruptions. For best results, have the favourite food/drink with you so we can eliminate the craving, right there on the spot, as we will be addressing the sensory responses you have to these cravings.