Tapping doesn’t work for me – Audio & Video

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Do you feel like it’s all too hard and everything you’ve tried just DOESN’T WORK?

And, I bet you’ve tried everything! This is such a normal and common problem, however it needs to be addressed for you to experience any positive results in the future.

This video is perfectly designed for the individual who battles with the belief that tapping doesn’t work or doesn’t provide the results they are seeking.

Maybe you’ve dabbled with tapping, seen some great temporary results only to discover they aren’t long-lasting or sustainable.

This recording is designed to address the underlying beliefs locking the issue that nothing (including tapping) ever works.

Your internal dialogue might sound something like this:

“There’s something wrong with me.”

“It works for others, but not for me.”

“I’m the worst/hardest case.”

“I’m bad at this.”

“It’s too difficult.”

“Things change, just not the things I want to change.”

“I’m not even sure if I really want to let this all go.”

I’ve created this audio/video program to really dig deep down into the beliefs and thoughts that are continually holding you back from getting great results. It has been designed for repetitive use so that if you are re-triggered, you can simply polish off the next layer of resistance by listening to the audio again.