Reprogramming Your Mind for Rapid Change – Audio & Video

$18.45 10% GST Included

A must-have recording to accelerate your results in any area!

Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation and no matter what you think, say or do, it continues to rule your life. Despite your best intentions, you are still in the same place – stuck, resistant, fearful – defaulting back to your unconscious programs and behaviours? If you are sick and tired of feeling like change isn’t possible, that nothing ever works, you’re at your wits end or rock-bottom, you may be resisting the very change you are seeking. And, as you may well know, what you resists persists – every time!

This audio and video recording has been uniquely created for anyone who encounters resistance to change. Working with the amazing Subconscious mind, you will literally reprogram yourself with a new mindset that welcomes and expects positive changes.

This recording was designed following a personal experience. I wondered why after all the money and effort I had poured into changing my circumstances, I was not experiencing the results I had hoped for. A little light-bulb moment later led to the creation of this recording, and I’m thrilled with the phenomenal results I am generating.

NOTE: I recommend you listen to this powerful recording at night, before sleep. Expect powerful and dramatic results as you peel away the resistance that is blocking you from achieving what it is you really want.