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  • Release the Resistance to Exercise

    • Does the thought of exercise make you uncomfortable, unfit, unmotivated; causing you to avoid it at all costs?
    • Have you tried to start exercising, but after a few weeks lose all momentum?
    • Are you wanting to exercise more, but you just can’t seem to get yourself started or maintaining a regular habit?

    As a former non-exerciser, who battled with weight issues and emotional eating, I can really empathise with these unhelpful and self sabotaging thoughts. One day, I had to make a choice. I wanted exercise to be a lifelong habit, but I was struggling with similar thoughts – “I don’t feel like it”, “I hate exercising,” “I’m too unfit,” “I’m embarrassed,” “Maybe I’ll just miss today and go tomorrow.” After discovering and then applying an amazing process to eliminate all resistance to exercise, now I have made walking a daily part of my life. I also love cycling and it’s not unusual for me to take an extra long bike ride on weekends!

    This month in Happiness Seekers Online, we will be releasing all that resistance to exercising, so you can embrace and love exercise again (or begin to, if exercise was never part of your life!).

    So much of what we tell ourselves has a bearing on the actions we will take. Just like me, you may have negative thoughts or programming about exercise. Maybe you didn’t come from a family who prioritised exercise. Maybe you hate the feeling of being tired or out of breath. Maybe you have good intentions, but you just can’t seem to establish a regular routine where you are enjoying exercise. Or, maybe you just can’t muster up the motivation to get started. I hear you!

    Let me tell you, overcoming this resistance is much, much easier than you think! I am living proof of that. And, I want to show you how you too can release the dislike for exercise, so you can start moving and enjoying a new level of physical health. Your body will thank you for it. Not to mention, imagine the mental health benefits you will begin to experience when all those wonderful endorphins are being secreted.

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    Everyone! Wherever you live in the world. Whatever your time zone. Join us for 1.5 hours’ of self care time dedicated to your emotional hygiene and happiness.


    This is a practical and interactive online session utilising science-based, proven techniques to guarantee long-lasting results. If you can’t make the online session, a replay is available 1-2 days afterwards for all registered attendees. If you feel triggered or need additional support to work on a personal matter in a confidential setting, you might want to consider booking a personal session with me.


    This a live and interactive online event delivered via Zoom, an easy to use and install online platform. Interaction is encouraged, but not essential for results. If you wish to remain anonymous, I recommend you change your user name before you enter the online Zoom event (you have the option to change this when you join the event with your unique meeting ID). Additionally, you can opt to turn off your video and microphone during the class so you will not be visible. Please read the following terms and conditions regarding your participation in this online event:   terms and conditions


    Simply Add to Cart and follow the instructions to set up your account or checkout as a guest. You will be emailed a confirmation of your order along with instructions on how to join the online event. Please keep a copy of this email so you can refer to it at the time of the event.

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