Global Acceleration for FasterEFT Practitioners

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Interactive tapping experience

Ok practitioners…it’s time to get very honest!

What I’ve noticed is that there are many highly trained, effective practitioners out there who are willing to spend more and more and more money in training, but not doing the practice.

“If I do more, study more, train more, learn more…it’ll give me the confidence to practice it.”

But it doesn’t.

Inspired by a recent online meeting with my mentoring group, I’m stunned by the number of amazing, smart, skilled people who STILL believe, “you have to know it all, you need to be perfect, you need to know more in order to take the next step in your business.”

What is stopping you from going out there and JUST DOING IT?

It saddens me to think there are so many individuals out there who aren’t stepping up and following their heart….it’s like a virus of fear or procrastination kicks in and renders them helpless.

“This is like the Cancer for practitioners” (I’m sorry, it’s harsh)

Honestly, I’ve seen it countless times.

A person discovers FasterEFT. They fall in love with the methodology, its simplicity and effectiveness…because what is there not to love about it, right?

They are passionate about helping themselves and others. They know that it works where nothing else has. They are committed to training up in this area. They attend the seminars, complete the home study, organise the swaps and clients sessions then…THEY HIT A WALL!!

When you think about it, you acquired all the tools you needed in Level 1 to go out there and make a difference in people’s lives.

So, why aren’t you??

As a Level 5 Master Practitioner, I’ve personally observed hundreds of people attending FEFT training all over the world. I’m a strong advocate for ongoing learning, but not if you’re not applying it to your life or your business. The money you spend on training would be better spent on learning to release the blocks, beliefs and barriers to you getting out there and doing something with it all!

This MP# Recording is for you to start getting really honest about how well your business is doing, and if you need a reality check, now’s the time to get serious about what is preventing you from putting yourself ‘out there’.

Are you ready to uninstall/delete/eliminate the program that is holding you back from working with clients, speaking/presenting about FasterEFT, establishing a Practice or simply turning this into a viable career?

In the=is recording we address and release the blocks that are: restricting your momentum, causing you to procrastinate, hide, or play small.