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  • Freedom from Pain and Arthritis

    Sunday 18th 7 pm AEST     REPLAY AVAILABLE



    Are you constantly putting up with pain in your body?

    Are you finding it more and more difficult to move?

    Do you suffer from: tooth pain, headaches, period pain, Arthritis, general aches and pains, joint pain, pain from an injury or physical trauma, constant pain or episodic pain? 

    Quite often chronic pain sufferers will get to the point where they just decide to live with and accept the pain. Some rely on medications, other decide to grin and bear it or have discovered short term relief in the way of pain remedies.

    Whatever the case, living with pain does not have to be the answer. Becoming pain free is a real and possible option.


    “The body is always talking with us and sometimes we need to take time to figure out what the message is.”


    Join me online in June to gain relief from the pain, or eliminate the pain altogether.

    No medications, just a simple, results based approach to eliminating the pain so you can start living again.

    Join me online or register now to watch the replay!

  • Our Clients

    • Stuck at home, nothing wrong but everything wrong!
      Liz Byron
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    • Releasing a lot of negative emotion associated with my Lyme Disease and achieve better health!

      Pam is fantastic, so thorough and I felt so comfortable with her. We worked through the negative programming of my entire life! I was able to release a lot of negative emotion associated with my Lyme Disease and achieve better health! M. C., New York, NY

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    • Manifesting Good things
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    • labeled Autistic to Empowered Woman
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    • Fear of flying all my life… Gone

      After one session with Pam I have flown twice in the past few months and both times I felt calm, relaxed and in control.

      Traralgon, Australia
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    • I had lost belief in myself

      Since being a part of Pam’s Mentoring Program I have gained direction & focus in building my Faster EFT Business. Over the few months prior to starting in the Program I was stuck in a place where I was lacking direction & the knowledge of how to build my Faster EFT business.

      Greg Dwyer
      FasterEFT Practitioner, Adelaide
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    • Eliminated binge drinking and social anxiety with FasterEFT

      Listen to Mark about how he turned his thinking around and turned his life around.

      Mark V
      Electrical Technician
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    • Get unstuck

      I cannot believe how full of possibility and peace I feel. Like this burden and overwhelm and confusion and chronic ‘stuck’ feelings have just gone. Thank you so much Pam.

      Business and Mindset Coach, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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    • A dramatic separation but now so much clearer, happier and at peace.

      Courtney was very stressed about a relationship separation and was so happy with the results.

      Courtney Baker
      Naturopath Geelong, Vic
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    • No Confidence around woman – stuck in a rut.

      Although, I have only had the 1 visit, the weight of stress that has lifted
      of my shoulders has been unbelievable.
      My life has changed so much from that 1 visit.

      Kind Regards Craig
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