Magnificent Manifestations

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2 x 1.1/2 hour recordings

>> Have you read all the books, watched all the videos and yet you still find yourself struggling to manifest that which you really want in life. In fact, are you unconsciously manifesting more of what you don’t want??

>> Do you easily manifest in one or two areas, say health and money, but fail to create your desires when it comes to your relationships?

>> Have you given up after many attempts at trying something new, because the results were haphazard or disappointing?

>> Are you sick and tired of manifesting from a point of lack or scarcity?
Maybe you’ve given the whole manifestation concept a go, spent five minutes a day thinking about what you want to draw into your life, then life happens and you spend the best part of your day thinking about or focused on what you DON’T WANT.

These MP3 recordings is for anyone who wants to turn their dreams, desires, wishes and longings into reality.

 This is a significant date because all planets are in alignment for manifestation purposes. 

  • In 2 x 1 1/2 hour recording, we will take the learnings of Law of Attraction and The Secret to new levels by harnessing the powerful effect of our emotions.
  • You will learn how to immerse yourself in the pure fun energy of manifestation, so that it excites you, rather than seeing it all as a chore.
  • You will discover how to build and then strengthen your manifestation muscles so you continually draw what you want to you, like a powerful magnet of desire.
  • You will understand how to build rock-solid certainty in your manifestation abilities.
Manifestation is a skill. Like any skill it requires knowledge and practice. I’ll show you fun and playful ways to sharpen your manifestation skills so they become a natural and welcomed part of your day.
Plus, I will teach you how to stay in the energy of manifestation, so you move throughout your whole day in this state.

So, consider what you want more of in your life – joy, fun, playfulness, great health and vitality, happiness, more money, love, better relationships, self confidence, a slimmer body; the possibilities are endless – and prepare to be inspired to use your manifestation muscles to bring more of the good into your life.