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  • FREE – The Real Joy of Giving – Happiness Seekers Online

    > Are you yearning for wealth and wellbeing, and an overflowing amount of joy and love that you haven’t experienced in a while (which has nothing to do with money or gifts).

    > Need some nurturing and nourishment at this busy time of year?

    > Feeling wrung out and have nothing left to give this Christmas?

    This December, I am gifting a FREE Happiness Seekers Online session, “The Real Joy of Giving” to you all.

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  • Making 2018 the Happiest Year Yet!

    This January, I have dedicated Happiness Seekers Online to preparing for the most amazing, limitless year ever!

    A year of infinite possibilities and potential!

    A year of living in flow and ease.

    A year of cultivating true joy and happiness!

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  • The True Art of Trust and Surrender

    Our second Happiness Seekers Online for 2018 is about uncovering the true art of trust and surrender.

    Wouldn’t it be good to be able to trust in the natural flow of life? To feel like, “I’ve got this.”

    February is the month for complete surrendering:

    • Learn how to increase your trust
    • Discover how to become free of your fears (the root of control)
    • Release the stress and anxiety connected to surrendering control and “how it should happen”.
    • Develop an internal
    • Release any anger or feelings of being a ‘victim’

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  • Your Body is ALWAYS Listening – Happiness Seekers Online

    Are you struggling with illness, pain or disease?

    Have you tried everything but have experienced little to no improvement?

    Did you know that your body is always listening? ALWAYS!

    This month in Happiness Seekers Online we are going to address the real reasons we are still suffering, in pain, and still struggling with health issues. This is an amazing opportunity to really listen to and tune into your body, so that you can experience a new level of wellness than ever before.

    During this 1.5 hour session we are going to be using some simple, yet powerful processes to

    • Notice the messages you are giving your body everyday
    • Understand how unconscious thoughts, beliefs and emotions are affecting your health and wellbeing
    • Understand the true root of your health challenges and why you are not healing
    • Learn how to erase pain quickly and effectively, without the need for medication
    • Discover your body’s innate healing wisdom and set yourself on a path to self-healing

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  • Your GPS to Wealth

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  • Improve Your Spelling and Writing

    Do you feel frustrated all the time because you can’t spell?

    Do you suffer from dyslexia or just don’t get it?

    Do you avoid writing things down because your embarrassed by your writing and spelling?

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  • Freedom from Pain and Arthritis

    Are you constantly putting up with pain in your body? Are you finding it more and more difficult to move? Quite often for chronic pain sufferers they get to the point where they just decide to live with and accept the pain. Join me live or watch the replay!

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  • Feminine, Fun and Flirty – Unleash Your Feminine Goddess – 3-part WebClass Series

    As females it is our god given right to be sexual. In fact, we are sexual beings who were designed to receive pleasure!

    But, somewhere along the way, maybe due to inappropriate attention, we’ve taken on a lot of blame and shame and we’ve hidden our femininity from the world.

    In this 3-part WebClass series, you will discover how to embrace that sexy, sassy, sensual, feminine and sexual goddess again. Let’s give her permission to emerge with grace and dignity.

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  • Weight No More! – 6 Weeks Online

    My signature 6-week online weight release program, Weight No More!, is back by popular demand. In 6 weeks you will completely revolutionise your relationship with food and the way you feel about yourself, your body and your weight. You will eliminate cravings, skyrocket your self esteem and body confidence, discover the real reasons you have kept the weight on all this time, understand and remove the triggers to binge eating and emotional eating, and introduce healthy, lifelong habits.


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  • Harmonious Relationships – Happiness Seekers

    Do you want a more loving relationship with yourself and/or others?

    A strong, healthy relationship can be one of the best supports in your life. Good relationships improve all aspects of your life, strengthening your health, your mind, and your connections with others. However, if the relationship isn’t working, it can also be a tremendous drain.

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  • Smooth Transitions – Happiness Seekers Online

    April 2017 MP3 Recording Coming Soon.

    The one thing we are guaranteed in life is that things will always change. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, everything is changing, and it’s not always a comfortable or pleasant experience.

    So, with that in mind, it’s time to stop trying to control the inevitable, and learn how quickly we can adapt to change, without resistance.

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  • The Power of Gratitude – Happiness Seekers

    Developing an “attitude of gratitude” is one of the simplest ways to improve your satisfaction with life.


    Research has shown that the Top 7 Benefits to “The Regular Practice of Gratitude”

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  • Magnificent Manifestation – Happiness Seekers Online

    Manifestation is a skill. Like any skill it requires knowledge and practice. I’ll show you fun and playful ways to sharpen your manifestation skills so they become a natural and welcomed part of your day. Plus, I will teach you how to stay in the energy of manifestation, so you move throughout your whole day in this state.

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  • Happiness Bootcamp – Discover How to Get Your Happy Back!

    Are you overwhelmed with STRESS?    Want to silence your inner critic?

    Are you sick and tired of being in physical or emotional pain?   Have you tried everything and nothing works?

    Learn how to strengthen your Happiness muscles.

    Gain some direction and clarity around your relationships, career or your finances.

    As one of Australia’s leading Stress Specialists, will demonstrate how to let go of stress, feel happier & more in control, no matter what challenges you are facing in life.

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  • Your GPS to Wealth (Happiness Seekers)


    Are you really over being broke and struggling with money? Are you sick & tired of all your money stress? Are you spending way to much energy worrying about your finances? Are you fed up with all the arguments about money and it putting such a strain on your relationship?

    Does this sound like you or someone you know. Let me show you how to release all your fears, blocks, limitations and so much more… Enabling you to make more money, attract more abundance, be more confident, gain more self belief and learn a self sustainable empowerment tool.

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  • Our Clients

    • Stuck at home, nothing wrong but everything wrong!
      Liz Byron
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    • Releasing a lot of negative emotion associated with my Lyme Disease and achieve better health!

      Pam is fantastic, so thorough and I felt so comfortable with her. We worked through the negative programming of my entire life! I was able to release a lot of negative emotion associated with my Lyme Disease and achieve better health! M. C., New York, NY

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    • Manifesting Good things
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    • labeled Autistic to Empowered Woman
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    • Fear of flying all my life… Gone

      After one session with Pam I have flown twice in the past few months and both times I felt calm, relaxed and in control.

      Traralgon, Australia
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    • I had lost belief in myself

      Since being a part of Pam’s Mentoring Program I have gained direction & focus in building my Faster EFT Business. Over the few months prior to starting in the Program I was stuck in a place where I was lacking direction & the knowledge of how to build my Faster EFT business.

      Greg Dwyer
      FasterEFT Practitioner, Adelaide
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    • Eliminated binge drinking and social anxiety with FasterEFT

      Listen to Mark about how he turned his thinking around and turned his life around.

      Mark V
      Electrical Technician
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    • Get unstuck

      I cannot believe how full of possibility and peace I feel. Like this burden and overwhelm and confusion and chronic ‘stuck’ feelings have just gone. Thank you so much Pam.

      Business and Mindset Coach, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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    • A dramatic separation but now so much clearer, happier and at peace.

      Courtney was very stressed about a relationship separation and was so happy with the results.

      Courtney Baker
      Naturopath Geelong, Vic
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    • No Confidence around woman – stuck in a rut.

      Although, I have only had the 1 visit, the weight of stress that has lifted
      of my shoulders has been unbelievable.
      My life has changed so much from that 1 visit.

      Kind Regards Craig
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