I’m so grateful for YOU!!

    I real am so grateful for you because if you are reading this, I know in some way you have enabled me to live a life that I’m passionate about. I often receive emails of encouragement, congratulations, guidance, support and genuine thanks.

    This gives me strength and determination to keep moving forward when challenges come my way. 

    Just recently when I was faced with a challenge and I remember thinking that no matter what happens… I will be able to handle it and WOW that is such an empowering thought.  In the past this was certainly not the case. Helplessness and hopelessness were commanding  my thinking process.  Now that doesn’t  mean that I have to handle it on my own.  I just know I have all the recourses available to me to get through whatever life presents. 

    Some more exciting times for me… I’ve hired a Personal Assistant, Audrey Aitchison. Recently I was quoted saying I am a one woman band and I am making some lousy music. Audrey is starting part-time but we are look forward to growing the business to the point where I can solely focusing on what I love doing, which of course in being in front of people, wether one on one, talks, presentations, e-courses, seminars, retreats or mentoring practitioners. Our mission is to continue to grow and expand the business enabling me to touch more lives and really make a difference in this world.

    I am also collaborating  with some amazing people, Nadia, Janine, Sacha, Stephanie, Karen, Grace and Nicole on many different projects and look forward to telling you more about them as they come to life. I am so blessed.

    By the way the trip to the grampians was exactly what i needed it was so beautiful and so much fun. Connect with me on Facebook to see some of the awesome photos I love keeping in touch and letting people know whats happening in my life through FB, come join me.

    Love Light and Laughter 

    Pam x